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Egyptian Rose


Unveil the sublime with our Rose Radiance Elixir - the 222 Rose Vibrational Elixir. Crafted from the purest Egyptian rose oil, almond oil, and adorned with dried rose petals, this heart-opening elixir is a unique celebration of love.


Egyptian rose oil, renowned for its high vibrational frequencies, beckons you to embrace the transformative journey within. Let this elixir be your guide to activating the vibrational frequency of love, illuminating your path to self-discovery and emotional balance. Breathe in the essence of pure love and let your heart expand in the symphony of positive energy.

Pipette with essential oil on blurred flowers background, closeup.jpg
Pink colored Giza pyramids landscape near the Cairo in Egypt.jpg

In the land where pharaohs once ruled,
let the essence of Egyptian Roses
guide you to open your heart's door,
inviting in timeless wisdom of the ages.

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