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Nice to meet you.

My name is Laura Cristina

I am Venezuelan-born and of Spanish descent. I grew up and studied in the United States. Having lived in different continents, I consider myself a Citizen of the World.

I love life and have learned to feel grateful for all the moments, even the most difficult ones.


My mission is to help people connect to their hearts.


I always felt a strong connection to energy, frequency and travel. I had the pleasure of learning from people all over the world--from beautiful souls in remote towns to Spiritual Masters. They have all shaped me into who I am today.

I love sharing my life experience and inspiring others on their healing journeys.


Simran, Paris, France

"Laura is amazing at creating and holding spaces. My session with her really helped me ground back into my body. I noticed how I was trying to "escape" into my mental escape hatch which proved to me how much I needed the session.
Laura's energy is so kind, so loving, so nourishing. She makes you feel at ease and really takes time and care to make you come back to yourself. I felt much calmer and more compassionate to myself afterwards. I would recommend her sessions to everyone. Literally."
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