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Few are aware of the magical and challenging life journey of the dragonfly. Even though the dragonfly is a creature of the wind, it is born underwater. From there, it spends months to years navigating its way out of the dense mud toward the flight of freedom. During this treacherous struggle, it grows strong and resilient. Once the sacred dragonfly spreads its wings and tastes the sweet joy of flight and liberty, there is no turning back.
My life journey mirrors that of the dragonfly. Life’s struggles have been powerful lessons and the training ground for my own power and faith. These characteristics are now embedded in my soul and have allowed me to soar toward my purpose and calling.
Throughout my journey, I have always felt a strong connection to energy, frequency and travel. Marrying these passions with my purpose has given birth to this space—the fusion of my wisdom, insights, connections and techniques.
It’s an honour to bring these treasures to you through my healing sessions, products and retreats.
To that end, I travel in service and love whilst sharing what has been generously shared with me by some of the best healers in the world, including Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, Hawaii, Peru, and Brazil, to name a few.
I am committed to healing humanity – one individual at a time. 
It is my wish that one individual begins with YOU.
Connect with me, and let me know how I can serve you.

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