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Ho'Oponopono Mantra

When you focus on healing the past, you help heal your life, right here, right now identifying

underlying currents of resentment and self-loathing

There is nothing more powerful than LOVE

Ho’Oponopono means reconciliation and forgiveness

A spiritual cleanser, it's like taking a shower when practised daily, clearing out negative energy

Do you want to feel Gratitude of self, inner peace and forgiveness?

Do you want to raise your vibration, raising the vibration of the planet?

Do you want to reset emotional balance for a healthy mind and body?


If you are someone who...

- Holding on to the past

- Struggles with anger and resentment

- Struggles to forgive

- Struggles with stress

- Struggles with feelings of low self esteem

- Struggles to create healthy and loving boundaries


Then this healing session is for you!

- Focus on feelings of peace

- Set an intention to help you release negative emotions and reduce stress

- Give you a pathway to forgiveness, compassion and inner peace 

-Show you how to use Ho'Oponopono and Frequencies to

feel gratitude and more connected to your heart 

I've created an online space to connect with you 1:1


Ho’oponopono Mantra

Frequencies that have been created
for Ho’Oponopono and boost your
bioenergetic field

528 Hz frequency to connect
your heart

And more …


1.5 hour Session  |   Contact me





The Ho'oponopono Healy Frequency program was created by Derek Nakamura.

Let's Work Together

To book an appointment, please contact me via email at:

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