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Welcome to A'OHE, where the Art of Heart Expansion unfolds through my extraordinary products and services.


I believe in the transformative power of heart expansion. My products are gateways to self-discovery and well-being. 

Indulge in the Art of Heart Expansion--where every product tells a story, and each moment becomes a celebration of your inner light. 

Nice to meet you.

My name is Laura Cristina

I'm originally from Venezuela with Spanish roots. Raised and educated in the United States, my diverse experiences across continents make me feel like I'm a Citizen of the World. 

Life lover, I've learned to appreciate every moment, even the challenging ones. 

My mission is to guide people to connect with their hearts. 

I've always felt a deep connection to energy, frequency and travel. Learning from  beautiful souls in remote towns to Spiritual Masters worldwide has shaped who I am. 

Sharing my life experiences, I find joy in inspiring others on their healing journeys. 

Welcome to my World. 


Pink Petals









Sabine Schuh, Barcelona

"I have never been a big fan of rose oil, till I found A’OHE Apothecary. The heart opening vibrational elixir “222” is not only delivered in a stunning packaging that delights the eye, but is like nothing I have ever encountered before! Such a dense & powerful and still soft & feminine fragrance. 

To me it feels like a warm blanket that wraps my soul in a cozy feeling of compassion and love.

Simply heart opening!”

Elina Nykanen, Finland

"The smell is already heart warming and opening! I feel it nurtures my soul profoundly and helps me open my heart softly. A potent mix of prana, light and love. Like wearing pink glasses to see the good in me and others!!" 

Sophie Le Moigne, Paris

"What a treat to wake up in the morning, open my little pink bottle, smell this scent coming from heaven and placing a drop on my heart!
For me it is like a talisman.
I always have it with me and depending on my day, it helps me so much. 
Thank you, A'OHE Each time I open my bottle it is like receiving a new present."

Shadya Karawi Name, Barcelona 

OMG! What kind of magic is this?
I am absolutely obsessed with A’OHE’s Egyptian Rose Oil. I wear it daily on my face (and heart) love it so much. Every time I use it I have this deep sense of peace take over and I am reminded that it will all be ok, no matter what’s going on.
Thank you, Laura, for bringing this beautiful healing potion into my life.

Georgina Hudson, Barcelona

"A'OHE rose essential oil is a sensory delight with an exquisite aroma that captivates the senses. Its nurturing essence goes beyond the physical, reaching deep into the soul, providing a profound sense of well-being. Applying this oil everyday has become a heart-opening ritual setting the stage for a day infused with empowered and positive energy."

Bernadett Nagy, Barcelona

"I really enjoy using your amazing heart opening g elixir not only on a daily basis, but I have experienced its' magic at our men's retreats and at connecting celebrations with my friends as well. 

Everyone I share this gift with loves it, just like I do!"
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