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Facial Oil
Sunset over the Mountains

Essences & Rituals

Custom-made essences

infused with bliss frequencies

Custom-made vibrational essences inspired by my travels around the globe. Uniting my passions for connection and travel with scents

that captivated my soul.

Soul Travel

Curated holistic retreats hosted by

Laura Dalmau & Shakti London

Intimate, intense, nourishing travel experiences for the spirit and soul

amid mystical landscapes around the world. Your life will never be quite the same.


Ho'oponopono Frequency

Healing Session

There is nothing more powerful than love.

When you focus on healing the past,

you help heal your life right here,

right now.

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Laura Cristina

Holistic Curator

Laura is Venezuelan-born and of Spanish descent.


She grew up and studied in the United States.
Her mission is to help others connect 
to their hearts. 

Throughout her healing journey, 
Laura always felt a strong connection to energy, frequency and travel. 

She is certified in various modalities and has had the pleasure of learning from Spiritual Masters around the world.
She uses frequencies in her therapies to stimulate balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
She loves sharing her life experience and inspiring others on their journeys.

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