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September 2024

A genuine collaboration between Laura & Anandi 

We all have a story to share.


You never know how meeting someone can change your life. Laura & Anandi met through a common friend in Barcelona, Spain. 

They instantly bonded over their love of  Spirituality and traveling the world. A few months later, they boarded a plane to travel to Kerala, India to visit Amma's ashram. 

Anandi, a seasoned ashram veteran became Laura's guide on this profound voyage, marking Laura's 41st birthday with a very special visit to Amma in Mumbai, India. 

A trip that forever changed them and their shared experiences wove them in the threads of friendship and self-discovery. From the point forward Laura and Anandi's appreciation for life, friendship and travel became intertwined. 

Laura and Anandi, fueled by a shared passion rather than a mission, embark on a journey to infuse the world with blissful and loving experiences. A'OHE is their mantra to transform and expand the heartbeat of humanity. 

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